Sam Klaidman is the Founder and Principal Adviser at Middlesex Consulting. He applies the methodologies and techniques associated with the Customer Value Creation and Customer Experience professions to assist his clients to achieve their growth objectives by designing and commercializing new services and the associated business transformations.

In addition to a 20-year successful career as a leader of two high-tech, B2B, Customer Service organizations, Sam also utilizes his prior 20+ years’ hands-on experience in Engineering, Manufacturing, Consulting and General Management to help clients grow their services business and win Customer Loyalty.

Sam’s recent experience includes a six-month assignment as Interim Vice President of Customer Service for a Chicago-based instrumentation company, 12 years as America’s Vice President of Customer Support for Oxford Instruments, a UK-based multinational scientific instrumentation manufacturer. Prior to Oxford Instruments, Sam served seven years as the Global Vice President of Customer Service at Bytex Corporation (a high-end data communications equipment manufacturer serving Fortune Global 100 organizations like the New York Stock Exchange, British Airways, AT&T, British Telephone, Visa, and MasterCard).

Some recent value creation and CX clients include CA, EMC, FLIR, Zoll, Malvern Instruments, Oxford Instruments, Metalogix, Cannon Instruments, and MERA.

Sam has previously consulted with Fortune 500 companies in three areas;

  1. Manufacturing Automation at Corning, Honeywell, and Pfizer
  2. Developing strategies to integrate computer techniques into new business areas at AT&T, Kendall Corp., and Instron Corp.
  3. Evaluating Mergers and Acquisitions (Companies cannot be mentioned)

Sam recently completed a three year stint as executive director and member of the Customer Value Creation International Board of Directors.

Additionally, we utilize a network of proven consultants with skills and experiences that complement our expertise to ensure our clients get the best advice without having to qualify and train multiple resources. Contact Sam here

Dennis Gershowitz, Principal, DG Associates 
has led several Global Customer Support Operations. As an accomplished senior executive, Dennis is recognized for successful leadership roles and for aligning business and development strategy while transforming “good enough” operations into sustainable best-in-class winners. Currently, Dennis is Principal of his own consulting firm, DG Associates.

Since 2008, Dennis has collaborated with Sam Klaidman and Middlesex Consulting on numerous consulting and publishing efforts. Dennis uses his extensive experience to provide clients with a variety of consulting services which enable clients to enhance their Customer Loyalty Programs, understand more about their customers, develop improved tools in meeting customer expectations and develop or further their CEM (Customer Experience Management) strategy.

Dennis has been honored with awards in Services leadership including Service Professional of the Year from AFSMI for which he had been a Board member for many years; is a founding member of the TSIA Partner Advisory Board; serves on a number of not for profit Boards; is a certified Executive Mentor; is a fellow at UNCW’s Cameron School of Business and is an accomplished speaker and writer in the areas of Customer Support/Loyalty and Leadership. Some of Dennis’ recent clients are Karl Storz, Carl Zeiss, MERA, and Lutron. Here is a description of Dennis’ Customer Success Workshop.  Contact Dennis here.

Karl Sharicz, EdM, CCXP is Founder and Principal of HorizonCX, a customer experience consulting organization that specializes in helping small and mid-sized companies grow strategically through intentional customer-centric actions and performance. He is a certified customer experience professional (CCXP) with over thirty years of skills and experiences gained within high-tech research and manufacturing B2B environments.

Throughout his career, Karl has served over a broad range of roles within marketing, sales, training, and training management—developing internal and external customer relationship skills and building a decided customer-centric focus along the way. In his current role with CX Partners, Karl offers professional services on a contract basis to organizations looking to either start or advance their journey into the fascinating world of Customer Experience Management.

Karl holds a Master’s degree in Education (EdM) from Boston University, is a founding member and former board member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). Karl publishes articles regularly, is a frequent presenter at conferences, and also runs a blog called The CX Chronicle. contact Karl here.

Purpose: We reduce the job related stress level of Service and Support leaders

Vision: We utilize our knowledge and experience to work with senior service leaders in reducing the stress encountered in addressing important strategic or tactical projects that lack sufficient or well-informed internal resources needed for creating successful outcomes.

Mission: To partner with you to grow revenue and profits; to increase customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty; and, to raise the level of employee engagement. We achieve these objectives by using our proprietary “Customer Centered Market Discovery” process to collect feedback from your customers, key stakeholders, prospects, employees, and co-workers. We analyze the discovery data and combine it with our knowledge and experience, to create actionable insights for you.

Challenge:  Grow revenue and profit
Outcome:  Updated or new multi-tiered service contracts and segmented value propositions, insight about customer perceptions of your business’s ability to meet their support needs and expectations, and actionable improvement plans

Challenge:  Increase customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty
Outcome:  Journey maps and process improvement plans, services, procedures, and customized training to position your customer at the center of your thinking and ultimately deliver customer success

Challenge:  Engage employees
Outcome:  Communication plans to inspire and inform, updated incentive plans to recognize and show appreciation, and processes and metrics to reward desired behavior and develop empowered teams

If you want to grow revenue and profit, and deliver customer success ...