Additional Services

In addition to consulting in our three primary specialties;  Customer Value Creation, Customer Experience, and Growth, we also help our clients with these valuable services


Working with our clients we:

  • Assess organization’s performance of strategic priorities
  • Evaluate readiness to launch a value creation initiative
  • Measure the enthusiasm of the employees towards CX
  • Quantify the benefits of moving forward to improve one or more areas
  • Deliver an actionable go-forward plan
  • Investigate and recommend ways to improve specific elements of your services organization.  Examples include service management, workforce management, contract management, revenue and profitability, and call center systems.

Voice of the Customer Programs

We develop and implement custom survey instruments designed to provide specific strategic or tactical answers.

For example:

  • Why do customers buy or decline to buy service contracts? Click here for a brief document (.pdf) describing our methodology which has been used with a number of manufacturers to help redesign their contract features and benefits and successfully market them to their customer base.
  • Why do you really win or lose orders?
  • How do your customers feel about doing business with your company (hard/easy)?
  • Is your company trustworthy (yes/no)?
  • How likely are your customers to repurchase from you (why)?

Competitive Analysis

Traditional Market Research firms do a great job analyzing the marketplace for all sorts of products. However, when it comes to technology services, it is imperative that someone with a services background is not just asking questions from a script, but engaging the customer for feedback and actionable insight.

We have a track record of getting to the heart of the competitive landscape and developing actionable recommendations to grow your business.

Keynote Speaking

Our clients frequently ask us to speak at both public and private meetings.  Our in-depth knowledge, coupled with our down-to-earth communications style, allows the audience to understand and relate to complex concepts.

We provide sessions on such topics as:

  • Revenue Growth
  • Customer Value Creation
  • Customer Experience
  • Internet of Things
  • Metrics and Analysis
  • Journey Mapping

If you want to grow revenue and profit, and deliver customer success ...