This is a guest post written by my daughter, Leslie Klaidman

I am someone who visits on a regular basis…so much so that I pay for Amazon Prime to get added benefits.  For example, I still like to listen to music from a CD rather than on an IPod or ITunes, so I buy all my music from Amazon.

I probably get it from my father.  He likes to hold a book in his hand rather than use an eReader.  So, when he recently received an eBook as a gift, he immediately thought to ask me to exchange the eBook for the hard cover, using my free shipping to have the book delivered to him.

The process was seemingly easy.  I clicked a few buttons and then received an email confirmation that the credit was applied to my account.  I went to order the book for him only to find that there was no credit waiting for me.  I decided that it was just a time delay and I waited until the next day to try the exercise again.  I was surprised to find the same result.  I went back to the email and located a section that clearly explained how to contact a customer service representative.  There was an option to enter my phone number to receive a call back.  I had barely hit the “Send” button before my phone started to ring.  I answered it and was immediately connected to a customer service representative named Brian.

Brian was very chipper for 7:30 in the morning (I suspect that he and I are not in the same time zone) and was eager to help me.  I explained the situation to him and he acknowledged that he might not be able to help me right away.  He apologized profusely for putting me on hold for three minutes.  He came back and told me that the credit had been applied to my account.  Simultaneously, I received an email confirmation that the credit had been applied.  He then explained that I could share my prime benefits with up to four family members and he sent me an email explaining that as well.  He also pointed out to me where I could provide feedback about my customer service experience with Amazon.  I took the opportunity to give Brian a glowing review.

I was pleased with Amazon before this interaction, but I am now even more impressed with how they run their business.  They asked if I would share my experience with their customer service with others…. and I am doing just that right here. That’s because they really do what they say they will do and rarely, if ever, disappoint me.

Amazon’s logo shows they have everything from A to Z covered and the “C” for customer service gets a thumbs up from me!