Renewal by Andersen

This is a tale of what, to me, seems like a badly missed opportunity. Read on!

First, let me confess that I wrote this post in two parts, about 2 weeks apart.  I started writing when I saw this full page ad on the left in the Boston Globe. Not until I got about halfway below the fold, or 75% down from the top, did I discover that they were not just selling replacement windows but also the complete installation.  And I had to go to their website to find out why I should consider purchasing the package from Renewal.

Let me state quite clearly, I have no idea if the advertisement, and the whole business, is successful. Assuming it is successful, I still believe the ad missed the mark. The reason this is a missed opportunity is because finding a qualified contractor is enough of a challenge that many people would rather forgo the benefits or savings of a home upgrade to avoid the expected hassle, high pressure, and risk of disappointment.  And when I looked at the “Why Renewal” tab of the website, I found a really compelling value proposition for this service.  Here is an abstract stating the value proposition:

Professional Window Installation: A Key Component

Even the highest quality windows will underperform if they are not installed correctly. An incorrect installation can lead to cracked joints, loss of heat or cooled air, and exposure to the elements and pests. Improperly installed windows can even allow moisture to enter the interior of the home, causing serious damage to both the windows and the structure of your home.

It is hard to over-stress the importance of a quality window installation: this is why we include our professional window installation with all of our replacement windows and doors. To ensure a proper installation, we also custom-build all of our windows so they fit precisely and provide you with the best performance possible. (emphasis added)

What Andersen is doing is using the value added service to provide prospects with peace of mind in order to sell replacement windows or doors. If they emphasize the installation service, they may be more successful in growing their overall sales since I could not find any other national window manufacturers who provide a similar service using their own installers. And having a large, national organization to fall back on will surely give prospects a very high level of confidence that they will have a stress-free experience.

This is the second part of the post.  I am writing it because I just saw this second, full-page ad in the newspaper. This time they do not mention the installation service until you read the small print at the bottom (what I call “mumble font”).  Not only are they still selling based on discounts but now they have a very interesting offer – free windows if it snows more than 3 inches on Christmas Eve!  Seriously, would you rather buy replacement windows on the off chance that it snows on the evening of December 24th or would you rather buy because the total project will be the responsibility of one company (Andersen Windows) that you know and trust?

Lesson Learned

If you have a value added service that will directly impact the buyer’s decision-making, you had better send the message before they tune-out your offer.

To read about the whys and wherefores of changing your business from being product focused to services focused download the white paper from this page.