Middlesex Consulting helps B2B companies grow service revenue



Are you missing revenue on your equipment services due to poorly designed service contracts and unsatisfactory customer experience?



Our mission is to help you grow service revenue by increasing customer loyalty and sales, reducing churn and costs, and enhancing employee engagement and culture.
We help you change how your customers feel about doing business with you.

We Co-Create Value with our Clients

We use our proprietary tool to collect feedback from your customers, prospects, employees, and co-workers. Combining insights with our knowledge and experience we help you articulate new service value propositions.

We Prioritize your Service Improvements

We uncover and help you prioritize what can be improved. This will insure better experiences that the service group delivers to your customers. We know that better customer experience lead to improved loyalty.

We Form Partnerships

We form partnerships to create customer value and deliver consistent experiences across the board; for your customers, your customer’s customers, and your prospects.

If you want to grow revenue and profit, and deliver customer success ...

  • Has service revenue growth slowed or stopped?
  • Do customers and sales people complain about Service quality?
  • Does your company’s Lost Business Report rank Service in the Top 3?
  • Is your company’s contract capture rate consistently below 50%?
  • Are your Service Contracts and/or CSAT surveys overdue for a refresh?
  • Are you frustrated because everyone is in reactive mode?
  • Is Service considered a sustainability disadvantage for the business?
  • Is your Customer Success team struggling to achieve its objectives?
  • Is lack of Operational Excellence slowing revenue growth?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, contact us.

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