Value Creation

Customers will not buy from you unless your services improve their outcomes beyond all other choices.  And, unless the prior experiences with your service were very positive, the differentiated value of your offer is reduced.
We define customer value as the tangible (rational) and/or experiential (emotional) net improvements (benefits minus costs) to customer outcomes resulting from using or owning the supplier’s products and/or services, compared to all alternatives.


  • What is Value?
  • 1-day workshops
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Identifying customer needs
  • Value Co-Creation
  • Consultative vs. transactional selling


  • Value creation awareness
  • Customer centricity
  • CX awareness
  • Cross-functional alignment
  • Understanding customer’s desired outcomes
  • Employee engagement
  • Readiness to grow business

Pilot Projects

  • Segment customers
  • Identify potential customer partners
  • Select a team to interview each potential customer
  • Select one customer and one of their “jobs”
  • Interview and observe
  • Identify the most likely opportunity
  • Brainstorm and explore potential solutions
  • Review with customer
  • Define and implement


The Problem

  • Our prospect wanted to increase service revenue.
  • They thought that, after 30+ years in business, they could sell service contracts but did not know where to begin.

Our Actions

  • We assessed their readiness to serve, their products, and their perception of customer needs and wants.
  • We collected the Voice of their Customer by identifying a small subset of their installed base and interviewing a random sample from three different segments.
  • We created three different contract offerings, with unique value propositions and appropriate selling prices.

The Results

  • They immediately hired a contract sales person and created marketing collateral.
  • The sales force was briefed and their compensation plans modified to pay them for contracts sold as part of the initial sale.
  • Contract sales exceeded their expectations.

If you want to grow revenue and profit, and deliver customer success ...